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winged panty liner | colorganic®

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Exceptionally natural and functional, these liners have been a favorite for good reason. Crafted with certified organic cotton fabric + thread, zero plastic.

These are so soft and comfortable, you'll forget they're even there! As with all cloth pads, you'll have the best experience with snug fitting undies.

For heavier days, pair a winged and wingless liner together for more protection. Place a wingless liner on top of the winged liner and replace the top wingless liner frequently and the winged liner as needed.

Each winged liner measures about 6" wide total (2.5" wide at the core) and is available in 6" 7" or 8" length. (The photos feature the 7" length)

Sold individually as 1 winged liner.

Machine wash and tumble dry with like colors.

Absorbency will increase with subsequent washes, to learn more please visit the absorbency tab.

To avoid stains, immediately after use run your pads under cold water and then soak in cold water for at least 30 minutes before washing with detergent. 

After lots of loving, add to your compost to sequester carbon (just remove snaps!)

100% organic cotton french terry | colorganic®

Grown in Southern New Mexico, produced into fabric in the Carolinas. An heirloom variety that naturally blooms colors of the Earth, free of dyes.

100% organic cotton interlock

Grown in West Texas, produced into fabric in the Carolinas. Undyed and unbleached, the true color of cotton.

100% organic cotton thread

Gathered from several sources in order to provide a blend of the longest fibers, spun in Holland.

Metal Snaps

CPSIA and REACH compliant, lead and nickel free.

Are these leakproof?

These pads are crafted exclusively with natural fibers and therefore they are not leakproof. While they aren't leakproof, they are quite absorbent. When pairing a winged and wingless liner, some may find that fits their needs but some may also need to use another method such as a cup alongside cloth pads. 

How can I best avoid leaks?

The best way to avoid leaks is to use both a winged and wingless pad together. The wingless pads are easy to switch out throughout the day, and really make all the difference in avoiding leaks. Change the winged pad as needed.

How do you suggest wearing them?

For best results, the liners should be worn like an interlabial pad. There are many different methods for wearing interlabial pads. The method I have found the most success with is to fold the back half of the pad lengthwise. In doing so, the back of the pad is held in place by your body which not only keeps it from shifting around but also helps direct your flow to prevent leaks from the back.

Should I choose winged or wingless?

If planning to use them through your entire cycle, I highly recommend using both wingless and winged pads together. 

For everyday wear, both wingless and winged pads would work well and it would just be a matter of personal preference.

What's the difference between the white and colorganic® pads?

The main difference between the two is that the colorganic® pads are a bit thinner while the white pads are a bit thicker.


- Wash your pads in hot water with baking soda and vinegar to prep them for absorbency. It will take a few washes before they reach peak absorbency.

- Avoid using excessive detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets as these will clog the fibers and hinder absorbency.

- When wearing wingless pads, be mindful in the beginning to remove the pad before sitting down on the toilet to avoid the pad falling in! After several uses, it'll be muscle memory and you won't even have to think about removing it.

- To avoid stains, immediately after use run your pads under cold water and then soak in cold water for at least 30 minutes before washing with detergent. 

Due to sourcing raw materials that are minimally processed, our products will need a few washes before reaching peak absorbency. 

The process can be sped up by adding 1 cup each of vinegar + baking soda to a hot wash. Avoid excessive detergent, fabric softener, and dry sheets. Should build up of these products occur, simply wash again with vinegar + baking soda.

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Winged Pantiliner

This works great! No more paper and chemicals in my panty liners.

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This review does not have text.

I LOVE THESE PADS!!! They are light weight...

I LOVE THESE PADS!!! They are light weight, but sturdy and absorbent; they don't wad up when you wear them and they stay in place all day! They are very well crafted; I only regret not buying these earlier. And more of them! Great when transitioning during your cycle. 12/10 _!!

loved it

loved using this during my cycle and knowing that it was handcrafted and sustainable made! very easy to use and clean